Frank and Lucie

Frank and Lucie Seemore are originally from London. But now they live outside. Away from the hustle and bustle, more back to real life as they call it. They have taken up residence in a town by the sea. With a museum, theater, good restaurants, book shops, and cozy terraces, they feel very comfortable. From there they travel around the world. Because Frank and Lucie may not be twenty anymore, but in their minds, they are young and enterprising.

Frank is originally a glasses designer. He came up with all kinds of top models for many companies, but nobody needs to know that. And now he has made a nice collection of reading glasses for his wife Lucie because Lucie complained so much about the offer, and not only she, her friends also complained bitterly. When Frank was busy, he realized that it is even more fun to design a collection of reading glasses that he can wear himself.

The material is very important to Frank; the choice for the rich acetate was therefore quickly made. For the models, he drew on his many years of experience as a designer. This is how he came to the number of models that are now available. He is very fond of vintage, but never fussy, the atmosphere of the past is always combined with the technology of tomorrow.

Lucie came up with the name for each pair of glasses individually. They had to be funny and appropriate. The round model is called Eyeball, the model with the thinner acetate the Eyecon, the slightly rectangular model is called Eyequarium and the sturdy Eyebrow is a derivative of the all-time favorite Wayfarer. She chose the Eyespy for a more classic look. And now there is the extravagant Eyeglobe, the feminine Eyewonder, and the distinct Eyecube. No less than 8 models. Lucie has a very clear vision on color and design; classic and timeless, here and there a nice summer or winter color, and always with a little twist. Frank came up with some other variants, but for now, he listens to Lucie! The packaging is a clear part of the look and feel. What great designs Lucie designed for the soft pouches, which also function as a lens cloth. The vegan leather hardcover foldable cases are especially suitable for people who are very careful with their glasses!

Well, and then there had to be a brand name for the reading glasses. Mr. And Mrs. Seemore was their first choice. Great name if you’re in the glasses, isn’t it? But their friends said: no, you are Frank and Lucie, that’s what your glasses should be called. And so it is.

Frank and Lucie reading glasses are available in 5 strengths:
+1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0